AGV Network Bug Bounty Program

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Network Name: AGV Network


Chain ID: 2833

Currency Symbol: AGV

Block explorer URL:

For more detailed instructions, visit this video tutorial: How to Navigate AGV Network

Bug Bounty Program

The security of AGV Network’s system is a top priority for our team. Yet, even with the utmost scrutiny and auditing, there’s still a possibility of vulnerabilities considering the novelty of the expanding crypto ecosystem.

We welcome everyone to contribute to the AGV Network platform and services codebase, developer tools, website, and many more by finding and submitting security issues. The entire AGV ecosystem will benefit from the shared efforts in improving our software and security.

We kindly ask you to inform us in case you discover an issue so we can immediately take steps to address and fix it. As compensation, we’re allocating 1 million USD to successful bounty hunters.

Please review the program terms and scope below:

Issue Severity Classification and Associated Rewards

The submitted issue needs to meet a minimum severity standard of Low as described below in order to qualify for a reward. Researchers are also more likely to earn a larger reward for exceptionally clear and high-quality reports.

A successfully-reviewed submission will receive a reward in USDT tokens based on the categorized severity of the issue:

  • Critical: Up to $30,000
  • High: $10,000
  • Medium: $3,000
  • Low: $500

A valid submission is any in-scope report that clearly demonstrates a software vulnerability that harms the AGV Network and/or its users, as well as web assets on AGV-owned domains. A report must be in scope and meet the rules of engagement in order to qualify for a bounty.


Responsible Disclosure Policy

If you discover an issue, make sure to follow all the steps below:

Once we received your report, our next steps would be the following:



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