Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) onboards cybersecurity & blockchain pioneer, Alvin Veroy, as new Chief Technology Officer

Astra Guild Ventures
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20 years of experience in programming and several established start-ups, Alvin Veroy now joins the guild as the new Chief Technology Officer. Veroy is an advocate of cybersecurity in the Philippines and has worked on countless projects for several big names in the industry. A self-made programmer, Veroy is the epitome of resourcefulness and audacity to create and venture into cutting-edge, never explored before technology.

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focusing on NFT gaming through diversified gaming assets and lending them to players for a portion of their minted NFT. AGV also connects investors who do not have the time to learn about blockchain technology but see potential in the industry.

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Passion for programming

Veroy discovered his passion for computers when he was just 12 years old. And what happens when you join passion and curiosity? You get a person whose grit exceeds his limitations. From the moment he was introduced to computers, Alvin put his calling in stone. Growing up in a country with a developing computer and technology, access to computer technology is deliberately difficult. But Veroy had the heart of a developer right at the start and went to hack his way to learning, finally getting him admitted to a renowned institution for computer technology and shaping himself as a powerhouse in the world of computer science.

Work Experience

Alvin served as lead blockchain developer for Accenture, as a CTO to the companies like Wright Balance Technology and Mindgeenix Technology, and as a consultant for several other international companies before uniting with Astra Guild Ventures.

CTO’s call

Embodying the role of an emerging DAO is no easy task. One has to be visionary and persistent to succeed. So here are AGV’s new CTO’s words on how he will run the DAO’s technology arm:

As Astra Guild’s new CTO, what is your vision for the DAO?

I will be very direct; it is to build a stable, secure, and user-friendly platform to amass NFT enthusiasts and collectors. To see it evolve into an autonomous organization that benefits all its members.”

What’s the first thing in AGV’s technology pipeline?

“My first task is to create a risk management plan then orchestrate an infrastructure to ensure that 100% uptime for the users. This includes the provisioning of the server clusters and necessary backups through different regions.”

Are there gaps in the blockchain or NFT technology that you would like to address through AGV?

“Well, my response to that is not a specific feature because we all know that the whole industry is still at the ”infancy stage.” But, still, I’d instead give you a glimpse of how I want the tech team to approach everything along the way, and that is to have the openness to change and always to seek to answer to the problems presented by the community so that anything that we need to change may it be about NFT or the blockchain, in general, can be addressed.”

How can you ensure cybersecurity considering AGV’s diverse stakeholder profile?

Creating a risk management plan is a critical step in creating proactive measures with regard to security. Enforcing strict compliance, close monitoring, and implementing the best industry practices will be our constant direction.

Where will you place AGV’s technology in the following months?

Part of AGV’s roadmap is to develop its own NFT game. My lips are sealed regarding its planning, but I can guarantee the stakeholders that it would be very exciting to be one of its early adopters.

The future of AGV’s technology

With the fast-paced blockchain industry, organizations need to have a solid technology leader. For AGV, that is CTO Alvin Veroy. With his experience, skills, and leadership, AGV can guarantee transparency, accessibility, and, most importantly, security for investors, players, and the AGV community.

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Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects.