How to Mint AGV NFT Card

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3 min readNov 25, 2021

Step 1: Go to Astra Guild Website, then connect your Metamask Wallet.

Step 2: Once you have successfully connected your wallet, proceed and click “Start your adventure”

Step 3: You will then be redirected to the minting page. Before you proceed to mint, make sure you have enough funds to cover the minting fee and the corresponding gas fees.

Step 4: If all is set, you may now click on “Mint Card.” You will then receive a Metamask notification; hit “Confirm” to allow the transaction.

Step 5: Wait for your AGV NFT Card to be minted; the process typically takes from 50 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the network, after which your newly minted AGV Card shall appear on your screen. In the details, you may find the card reference number below. The AGV NFT Card will be your ticket in the AGV Metaverse.

Step 7: The AGV NFT Card has different types and rarity, but always keep an eye for the AGV Special NFT Card (№20) as this is an extremely rare card that can be sold to the DAO for 10,000 USD!

Special NFT Card Video

Countdown to AGV Token Generation Event (TGE)

The AGV Token Generation Event will happen on December 23, 2021, at 0000 UTC. Interested investors before the AGV TGE may participate in the Private Sale Event through the Astra Guild Ventures website. Tokens acquired from the private sale are subject to 20% TGE, while the remaining 80% will be distributed monthly for the next six months starting January 31, 2022.

You may see the official countdown on the Private Sale tab in your AGV Portfolio.

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