How to participate in the AGV auction on Copperlaunch

Wallets and Currencies Accepted in the AGV Copperlaunch IDO

An ERC20-supported Metamask wallet is required to participate in the AGV TLA; while the currencies you can use to acquire AGV from the Copperlaunch website are as follows:

  • ETH (in exchange for gas fees)

How to buy AGV Token in Copper

About Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects. The DAO aims to build a global community of investors, tech leaders, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts, and P2E players. The guild has over 2,000+ Axie Infinity scholars and a stake in rising P2E games, Kart Racing League (KRL), Realms of Ethernity (RoE), and PlaceWar.



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