How to Stake AGV/BUSD Liquidity Pool Token

  1. ) Go to

2.) Click staking and log in to your MetaMask wallet

3.) Connect your wallet to the site

4.) At the bottom part of the AGV Staking Dashboard, click Detail -> Get AGV-BUSD LP.

5.) You will now be redirected to PancakeSwap Add Liquidity page. Once there, check your MetaMask wallet to see if you have enough AGV and BUSD tokens you can use to provide liquidity, and BNB to cover gas fee

Note: Since AGV is tradeable in AGV/BUSD pair, you’ll need these two to provide liquidity in the liquidity pool

6.) You can now adjust the amount of AGV and BUSD tokens you wish to add in the pool

7.) Once done, click Enable AGV and then Confirm in your MetaMask wallet. Do the same thing with BUSD

8.) After granting Pancakeswap an access to your AGV and BUSD tokens, click Supply -> Confirm Supply and wait for the transaction to be successful

9.)Check your wallet to see your LP tokens

10.) After checking, go back and refresh the AGV Staking site

11.) Go to the bottom page of the dashboard and click Stake LP

12.) Adjust the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake and then confirm

13.) Your Metamask wallet will now ask you for two confirmations. Click Confirm (wait for a few seconds) and then Confirm. The first confirmation denotes that you are giving the site access to your liquidity tokens, and the second is for the approval of the staking transaction

14.) Wait for an AGV window to appear confirming that your transaction went through

15.)To check if your LP tokens were staked successfully, go to the bottom of the page and look for the AGV/BUSD total staked section

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