Data-Driven Venture Capital Firm Follow[the]Seed Invests in Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)

Astra Guild Ventures
3 min readOct 30, 2021


Today we are glad to announce the latest investment in Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) by Follow[the]Seed, a leading data-driven VC. Their investment is the result of sophisticated, data-based due diligence, and their decision to support AGV reinforces our vision to become one of the leading DAO-managed guilds in the gaming industry.

About Follow[The]Seed

Follow[The]Seed is a leading global VC fund known for its passion for new and disruptive ideas and meticulous, data-driven investment decision-making. The group has even developed their game-changing algorithm called the RavingFans® to identify products and services with a significant behavior-changing impact on consumers. The model collates information from different data points to classify market-disrupting ideas and filters the ones that have more chances to succeed because they created raving fans for their product. We’re honored to be one of these businesses that were chosen to be backed up by Follow[the]Seed.

Tim Lane, Follow[The]Seed’s Managing Partner who has been investing in crypto since 2014 and non-fungible tokens since 2017, mentioned that his interest in AGV was beyond what the data showed the fund:

“Guilds such as AGV help the economies of P2E games thrive by giving wider access to participation. Other than their great traction and excitement around P2E, AGV’s commitment to truly transparent governance of the DAO and their plans for the platform is clear proof of their intention to provide investors with the power to decide on the DAO’s future. It’s rare to see a project that completely discloses all assets and earnings to all DAO members on the website. You can’t get more transparent than this” says Tim (@rarestcrypto).

Andrey Shirben, Follow[the]Seed’s co-founder, prolific cryptocurrency investor, and a well-renowned Defi strategist also shared his thoughts on why he joined the AGV team:

Andrey Shirven AGV Quote

“I am passionate about projects that challenge the status quo and disrupt large markets dominated by not willing to change incumbents. The combination of P2E/NFT gaming with DAO governed guilds does exactly this. It redefines the relationship between the games, the gamers, and investors and truly rewards each one of the participants in this new De-conomy. On the one hand, you get gamers that are rewarded for their time and effort, on the other — the gaming industry is no longer monopolized by large, centralized entities and their walled gardens. With the help of guilds like AGV, you can also add investors to this equation and enable them to earn money by supporting this ecosystem and helping it grow and thrive. It’s this win-win-win scenario that excites me, and the fact that AGV is already leading this space and working with games like AXIE Infinity is just the cherry on the top”.

Andrey (@shirben) has recently joined AGV as an advisor. He is also a strategic advisor for and Head of Defi Strategy at Efficient Frontier.

Follow[The]Seed will also take part in the advisory board of the DAO and will assist in enhancing AGV’s pipeline of up-and-coming P2E games.

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About Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects. AGV aims to build a global community of investors, tech leaders, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts, and P2E players.

AGV will start its Series B funding round (private sale) on November 17, 2021, with 37,500,000 AGV ready for distribution 10% to be released on Token Generation Event on December 23, 2021, and the remaining 90% will be distributed monthly for the 12 months.

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Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs, P2E games, and other blockchain projects.